I'm Abby Lee Miller and you are now a dancer at Abby Lee Dance Company. If you think you can do my job better than me, then you better prove it! Every week you will come up with music, costume, hair, makeup, shoes, and prop if necessary. All of that and make it look amazing ! I will either give you the style or theme and you will do every thing else by yourself. Duets and trios will be done by every person in it. Group dance will be done by the girl on top of the pyramid. Can you handle the pressure? Apply in the ask.
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I don't know if my message went through last time... the power cut out before i think i sent it! I would like to be Brook on group 2 if thats possible? :)

Sure, you are now Brooke on Team 2

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alliepentz Asked:
Can I be Nia team 2

You are now Nia on Team 2

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Dance: Solo: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

Style: Musical Theater

Song: I Feel Pretty/ Unpretty from Westside Story (Glee Version)


Dancer(s): Chloe

Side Notes: Chloe will not wear the headband in the picture of her hair and she will dance with the mirror in the whole dance.

Story: Chloe is very insecure because of her boyfriend. She’s been told she’s beautiful since she was a little girl but now she’s wondering if it’s true. She wants so badly not to be insecure but she’s so confused. This dance is about Chloe finding herself. It’s a very technical dance with lots of turns and leaps.

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Anonymous Asked:
Can a contemporary dance be upbeat?

Yes, but you have to explain it well and make sure it is actually contemporary dance. What is contemporary dance? Check here.

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Hi! I would looove to be Brooke on team 2 please :)

Of Course!

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Welcome girls, this is a brand new competition season so I want you to work your hardest. This is a straight line because I need to see if you deserve to be on top. To assignments…..

You will all have solos this week for me to evaluate you. Make sure to refer to the rules and use your best work. We will be traveling to Starbound in Detroit, MI

Brooke: Acro

Nia: Musical Theater

Asia: Hip-Hop

Sophia: Tap

Kalani: Lyrical

Mackenzie: Acro-Jazz

Kendall: Jazz

Chloe: Contemporary

Paige: Acro-Jazz

Maddie: Lyrical


Brooke, Chloe, Kalani, Sophia, Nia- Contemporary

Asia, Mackenzie, Kendall, Paige, Maddie- Jazz

Assignments will be due on Wednesday, April 30th. Good Luck!

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Anonymous Asked:
is there any way the pyramids could be up tonight or tomorrow morning at like 9/10? :)

Team 1 & 3 pyramids are up. Im not sure when Team 2 will be up

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Team 2

Sorry for the wait. Pyramids should be up tomorrow!

#Team 2 
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Anonymous Asked:
do you have any idea when the team 2 admin is coming back?

I’m not sure when she is going to post the pyramid but I’m sure it will be soon ! Just be patient. Maybe she’s waiting for the team to be filled.

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Dance: Group - Talking to the Moon

Style: Lyrical

Song: Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars

Dancers: Mckaylee, Chloe, Kalani, Sophia, Lily

Side Notes: Lily wears Costume 1 & Hair 1. Chloe and Sophia wear Costume 2 & Hair 2. Mckaylee and Kalani wear Costume 3 & Hair 3. The prop is a jail cell door to separate the sisters from the prisoners.

Story: In this dance Lily is playing the moon who is relaying messages between the sisters on each side of a jail cell door. The girls in pink (Chloe and Sophia) are two girls learning how to cope with the repercussions of their sister’s wrong-doings. The girls in orange (Kalani and Mckaylee) are the criminals who are trying to keep contact with their sisters so their relationships don’t get soiled. Kalani and Sophia are sisters, Mckaylee and Chloe are sisters, Lily is the moon.